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Don’t just visit an attraction, experience it. Find out how Enhanced Experience tell a story with every tap

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Features of Our Enhanced Experiences

Interactive & Immersive Experiences

Humans are storytellers. Enhanced Experience is about telling the stories behind the places you visit and the objects you see. Our system is designed to add an immersive, informative and entertaining dimension to the places you visit.

Enhanced Experience is rolling out at new venues all the time, so soon you’ll be able to enjoy us at your favourite museums, galleries, properties and other attractions.

Telling A Story With Every Tap

Our unique tech brings your visit to life using interactive scanning points to keep visits fun and informative. We also create moments of surprise and delight using touch-free technology where your rented device uncovers secret stories hidden in the spaces around you.

How Does It Work?

Visiting an attraction soon? Ask if they have an Enhanced Experience system installed yet! If they do, you’ll be able to rent one of our special devices at the same time as buying your admission ticket. Our Experiences are all different at each attraction and have a mix of location triggered surprises as well as special scanning points that you can tap to bring your gadget to life.

Enhanced Experience is a small company based in East Sussex founded by entrepreneurs Alex Hedger and Adam Baxter with big ideas to revolutionise attraction visits by ‘Telling a Story With Every Tap’.